Earth Day Activity

We have mentioned in the past that here on the Reschool Blog we want to further help schools and children with recycling, reusing and reducing their waste by providing regular ideas on how you can reduce waste. We also want to continue encouraging children’s curiosity in the environment, so we have made a little activity, this one is a nice crafty activity.

This is a nice, creative project that you could do in school, or at home if you’re currently home learning. In this activity, you will make a piece of artwork inspired by Earth Day, as we have said Earth Day doesn’t have to just be on one day, those challenges can be done at any time. This activity is quite simple to do but extremely effective and we think it would look fantastic stuck in a window.

The activity is below where you can download and print off a PDF copy to handout and follow.

We hope you enjoy it!


The Reschool Team