National Tree Week

We thought we would celebrate the UK’s biggest annual tree celebration, National Tree Week.

National Tree Week is all about getting lots of communities to do more to help their local environment by planting as many trees as they can. 

How did National Tree Week start?

In 1973, there was a big problem with a Dutch Elm Disease, which was killing lots of elm trees around the UK. In response, a campaign was started by Sydney Chapman and Peter Walker, two members of parliament who thought something needed to be done. It was a year-long campaign called “Plant a Tree in 73” which encouraged the planting of as many trees as they could across the year.

This was so successful that the following year ‘The Tree Council’ group was born to keep encouraging people to plant trees. Except now, instead of working over a whole year, we have National Tree Week every year at the end of November.

It starts in November because this is when the tree planting season starts, it’s best for them to be planted as it’s starting to get cold. Even though the event only lasts for one week, tree planting season lasts right up until March.

Download our ‘in-tree-guing’ challenge cards:

We have made some challenges to help your children embrace National Tree Week. We hope you enjoy them, please share them on social media and tag @reschooluk. 

Thank you!

Adam and Patrick

Reschool Founders