Reschool…saving the planet, one desk at a time!

What is Reschool all about?

As teachers, we know that it can be hard and time consuming to find school resources and under today’s budgets buying new isn’t always an option. We are on a mission to help schools around the UK, we are here to help schools upcycle their classroom equipment. We want to reduce waste and get unused classroom equipment into the hands of schools that will put it to good use.

Also, on the Reschool Blog we will help schools further, providing regular ideas on how you can reduce waste in your school; whether its advice on recycling and revamping products in your school, new schemes that your school can benefit from, and even suggestions for your Eco Council. We are also going to help by providing regular ideas for recycling projects that you could do in your educational setting.

How does it work?

When you want to recycle something, or pass it on to another school, you can create a listing. Once published, the listing is live, other schools can view this and when they’re interested, they will get in touch with you. Whatever you would like to charge for the item is up to you, you may choose to charge for it, or you might even be happy for another school to get some use from it. When a school gets in touch it’s all up to you, no charging from us, no commission.