Reschool – one year on and what a year!

Recently we celebrated our one anniversary and we thought we would take this moment to share the story of how we got started.

The concept

It was a year ago and I was on my planning and preparation time. As I was looking over some school data, one of the school business managers came in the room and expressed how they had wasted two hours.

The staff member was also a Business Manager at a Nursery and they had been looking for chairs earlier. At the time, the only way to source school items was to email or phone schools. The Business Manager then emailed and phoned other schools and Nurseries in the area to find surplus items that they would be willing to sell, which meant two hours searching.

This story stayed with me. I thought that there must be a simpler way where schools and vetted users can share items. This would then save School Business Managers hours of time. The task mentioned above, of looking for chairs, could take 15 minutes to scale down regionally and save time and money for schools.

Developing Reschool

Patrick, one Reschool's founders.

Following this, I started to talk to my best friend Patrick Haley. We worked together to shape the concept of Reschool into a more refined idea. We bought the domain, registered the business and started speaking to a Web Developer.

Dan is a renowned and respected developer of web apps. He has worked with a variety of companies achieve their dream, whether small start-ups or huge suppliers to supermarkets. Dan is also an old school friend of mine and fellow alumni of Hesketh Fletcher’s High School’s IT GCSE. You can learn more about Dan and his company, Knights Digital, here.

We collaborated to shape the Reschool website into the space for schools to share and sell resources. The Reschool listings platform is a vetted, secure space where schools and approved traders can exchange goods. This ensures schools have direct and secure access to other schools, where they could share, hire, sell and swap resources.


Since then, we have a team of schools that have joined the Reschool Community, our Activity Challenges, like the one we created for National Tree Week, have been seen and shared by over 50, 000 people and already, we have a strong community of people on social media who support us.

A year ago, we never thought we would have seen this success so quickly. So, we thank everyone who has spoken to us, shared advice, liked and shared a post, joined the community or helped spread the message of Reschool.

Thank you all, it means the world to us!


Adam, one of Reschool's founders.